Getting a Brief View of Each of the Pub Settings

Home From Home”


Considered to be one of the popular settings in the 18th century, it did not include any of the upper class pretensions but was entirely concentrated on the so-called homely frills. These even allowed people to be more comfortable and convenient staying inside the country pubs.
Good thing, the kitchen mainly served as the congregation room and it presented many of the drinking activities. This type of pub is simple and elegant and is truly a perfect place for workers to enjoy and relax along with others. This is truly a perfect place to feel good and be at ease while drinking beers, soft drinks and more.


“Grander than Home”


This pub setting was mainly created and developed in the 18th century and was continued until the 19th century. This pub was most likely found in small towns and suburbs and was located next to other hotels. This environment would never look so comfortable for an average pub-goer with its overdone décor and ostentatious atmosphere.


“Frankly Theatrical”


This drinking house was also the one seen in the Cruikshank sketch and was nonexistent during the 18th century. The good thing about this type is that its style mainly contributed to the so-called “The Gin Palace”. In fact, this establishment went through a lot of extreme changes from being simpler pubs because of their fashionable employees and intricate ornamentation.


The pubs also catered to the most powerful, most elite and most influential people and contributed to the involvement of the upper classes in the drink contribution. One of the main uses of pubs, including the larger pubs, is that they meet the formal entertainment and business meetings. This is part of the private conviviality. Apart from it, there are also privately-designed rooms that are offered for all travelers.

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Other inns also have their opulent rooms that are mainly available for all members, either kings, of the societies. Some of them also enjoyed staying in their rooms often described as the “draughty and cheerless”.


Nevertheless, people working in most pubs are known for their different reputations while landlords were known to be very generous and jovial. They are even popular for their hospitality shown to others and some behaved and cheated in such an unfriendly manner.


In the 18th century, the coaching age became popular with all of the travelers who visited England and swept through the place with their coaches. They even decided to stay and stop for a while at the inns for their comfort and relaxation.

At this time, landlords were very cruel because they knew from the start that guests would no longer return. Based on the novels presented in the past, stories were told about the unfortunate travelers ending up their horrific days arguing with landlords of the inn.

A small pub, inn or alehouse is most likely to be operated by a wife and his husband with the assistance of servants. A big-sized inn is also completed with the facilities to cater to the needs of travelers, with the assistance of the staff. Even a bigger inn also provides kept horses or stagecoaches for all of the guests. They are backed by the staff including those who are operating the stables, the drinking rooms and kitchen rooms. This was also the time that pubs have their outdoor benches along with the old folks that talk about the neighborhood. They mainly talked about the happenings in the neighborhood while there could be an advertisement for an improved and large alehouse.

The Different Types of Pub or Pub House

As compared to a private house, a pub house is considered to be a drinking establishment in different cultures of countries like New Zealand, Ireland, Britain, Canada, Denmark and Australia. Many places and villages are known for their pub houses that are mostly visited by men and women who loved to be refreshed and relaxed.

In fact, pubs remain to be the center point of the entire community and based on the writings of none other than Samuel Pepus, these were even more described as the center of England.

Dating back in the history of mankind, pubs were all related to the Roman taverns by means of the Anglo-Saxon alehouse. This is also prior to the development of the system known as the tied house in the nineteenth century.

Historically speaking, public houses or pubs have been considered to be culturally and socially different from bars, cafes and bierkellers and brewpubs. The majority of pubs provide a wide range of wines, soft drinks, beers, snacks and a whole of. They were also under the control of most breweries which is why keg beer or cask ale is even better than those spirits and wines.

On the other hand, the windows of the pubs were designed from frosted glass or smoked glass to prevent clients from being seen outside. This started from the year of 1990 up to the present and there has also been a great move from using a clear glass to the bright interiors.

The manager, tenant or owners of a public house is best called as the “pub landlord”. Usually, publican is a term that is commonly used until the Victorian times and delegates the public landlord. Pubs are mainly called as the “locals” and are best chosen as they are near to work or home. With the availability of particular beers, pubs are truly a perfect place in smoking and hosting a dart team. Even enjoying a snooker table or pool is possible in pubs that best appeal to all of your friends.

In the year of 1970, the majority of pubs even featured an attached shop with the spirits, wines and beers for the consumption of people for their homes. It was also in this year that newly-designed and built off-licenses or chain stores undercut the prices of pubs. Within the span of ten years, many pubs decided of closing their off-sale counters or better known as the jug and bottle.

As years went by, tavern, inn and alehouse have been combined together with three of the types of pubs that emerged. These three types were known as the “Grander the Home”, “Frankly Theatrical” and “Home from Home”.

  • “Grander the Home”-This type of pub is designed in providing guests with something more special than what is found in most living rooms.
  • “Frankly Theatrical”-This mainly adapted a specific decoration that goes beyond those found on most homes
  • “Home from Home”-This type is after capturing the ambiance and atmosphere of a home

With these three types, you may find one type that is added with a perfect touch of “home from home” or “Frankly Theatrical”. In order for you to view a good layout of a “Grander than Home”, it may look like a huge room under such an open roof with the gallery and screen. The log fire continues to blaze on the hearth while oaken tables are all scattered there. The patrons are seen sitting and drinking the blackjacks with strong ale.